Quote1 別再讓人白白送死了,難道就不打算認真工作嗎?比方說利用這一生去償還債務。 Quote2
— 一個政治人物批判11任團長的表現。[1]

第11任團任是《進擊的巨人》中的角色,為[[[調查軍團]]的一位團長,是12任團長 奇斯·夏迪斯的前任。

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The 11th Commander appeared to be a middle-aged man with short black hair, a receding hairline and a pudgy face. Though he did not appear to have wore a bolo tie, he was seen wearing the standard Survey Corps uniform.

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Some time before 奇斯·夏迪斯 was elected as Commander, the 11th Commander was the leader of the [[[調查軍團]].

One time, the 11th commander was having a reunion with other important members of the army and the nobility. These men criticized the Survey Corps and the commander's strategies, as the only thing that the commander could bring was heavy casualties. He also could not pay the debts and finish the outpost outside the Wall. The 11th commander listened to all this without saying a word, with Keith at his side. This was one of the first times Keith considered himself a special person and dreamed of being commander.[1]

11th commander is killed


之後在一次牆外調調中他被巨人吃掉,而後由奇斯繼任為團長。 [2] Template:Clear

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